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    Nadaam Festival


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    •  Incorporates a range of authentic shared teambuilding activities designed to build trust, cooperation and belonging amongst your team members.
    • Led by our passionate team of professional tour guides and trainers. 
  • Why Mongolia?

    Mongolia! Home to one of the few remaining truly nomadic cultures in the world. A land of endless blue skies and endlessly rolling steppe. The least densely populated country in the world and the most welcoming. Mongolia is a destination like no other! We will take you through the country as a nomad; seeing, eating and experiencing as the nomads do. Prepare yourself for a truly authentic adventure!


    Unforgettable authentic experience

    From big wows to hidden gems. Meet authentic nomads and experience culture in its natural form.

    Expert local guide

    Our professional, qualified tour guides are chosen for their great knowledge of Mongolia. Their passion will make your trip extraordinary.

    Price meets quality

    We pride ourselves for the details we place in every single itinerary. Every tour is important to us and every customer highly valued.


    Small groups

    Average groups of 12; solos, couples and friends, united by a desire for authentic experiences.

  • Why Nomadica?

    With customer service personnel based in the UK, China, USA and Europe, we speak your language and understand the excitement and anxiety of taking a trip to a new destination. With tour personnel avergaing over ten years experience, you are in safe hands as you travel across the steppe with your passionate, informative tour guide. Whatever your query, concern, expectation or dream all of our Nomadica team are on hand to deliver you the adventure of a lifetime!

    Pick-up & Drop-off

    Our tours start from picking you up at the airport and dropping you off at thesame point where you started the trip.

    Child friendly

    Children are 100% welcome on our trips.

    Off the beaten track

    To truly immerse you in the local culture, we take you off the beaten path to meet real nomadic families.

    Speed and efficiency

    We will provide you with 24/7 support and advice as you plan your trip to Mongolia. We will respond to any question or query you have.

  • Steppe into Spring- May 2020

    5 days / Departing May 1st


    Book before February 14th and receive a 10% discount

  • What cool people say about us...

    Benoit (France)- April 2018


    "Overall a great level of service, information and flexibility. Given the fact that our goal was to fully immerse ourselves in local lifestyle and learn from it, even with kids, I think the way you get this organized is quite good. Tour guide has been very patient and eager to answer all our questions every time. We particularly appreciate the fact that he encourages the whole group to exchange a lot with the local families. Which makes it a very interactive experience even though we are from different cultures. Pace is well adapted for kids too. Not too rushed, with enough free time to enjoy nature and private time too"

    Lisa (USA)- April 2019


    "Absolutely top notch tour! One of my top 5 vacations along side African safaris, the Galapagos islands, The Amazon etc. The stay with the nomad family and lunch with the Kazak family were highlights as well as the folklore concert. Buujii was one of the best guides I have ever had. He was pleasant, flexible, patient and spoke excellent English. His knowledge of Mongolian history and culture was outstanding. I loved that he taught us knuckle bone games. I commented on his knowledge of history and asked him to recommend a few books. He hand wrote a two page list for me. Wow! He really went "above and beyond"

    John (Ireland)- January 2018


    "What can i say about Mongolia that would do it justice? It's fascinating, breathtaking, raw, wild, friendly and beautiful. This still isnt enough. Visiting Mongolia during the Spring Lunar Festival was one of the highlights of my life. From driving over the snowy terrain that stretches in all directions, seemingly boundless, to drinking fermented yaks milk with a local family and sleeping in a traditional yurt, this is truly a spectacular experience and one everyone should consider at least once in their lives. There's something for everyone on this kind of trip but particularly if you're looking for an authentic experience. To one of the best experiences of my life - Thank you Mongolia and thank you Nomadica for organising it all"

    Ron (Netherlands)- June 2019


    "The reason to book this trip was to see the stars again after having lived in the city Shanghai for four years. I got more than I had wished for. I saw a twinkling star playing next to a yurt. She was trying to impress me by bouncing a ball on an uneven step floor. Inside at the stove a star was preparing a delicious simple meal using hot stones in a pot, a traditional Mongolian cooking method. A 'star driver' who maneuvered our little space ship skillfully on the unbeaten tracks of the endless gently waved meadows.

    I was very lucky to find myself amongst great companions on this trip. Traveling among the stars we shared laughter and serious thoughts. One of these thoughts was a wish. A wish that the Mongolian grass will stay green. We can promise it by adopting the Mongolian lifestyle and embracing the beauty of simplicity"

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  • More About Mongolia

    Read up on Mongolian culture, diet, festivities, superstitions and more. Having at least a little knowledge about this ancient country will make your trip that bit more meaningful.

    May 11, 2020
    Alan Goa Alan Goa - known as the mythical mother of the Mongol peoples, is said to be descended...
    The world is indeed becoming a smaller place, but as our travel capabilities improve, the amount...
    2020 has brought a tremendous shock to the travel industry; from the massive bush fires in...
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    Have you recently travelled to Mongolia? Share your travel insights with your fellow adventurers and receive a generous discount off your next tour to Mongolia. Didn't previously travel with Nomadica? You could still be eligible for the discount. Contact us for more details.



  • News feed

    2020 has brought a tremendous shock to the travel industry; from the massive bush fires in Australia to the continuing spread of the COVID-19 which has now effectively halted global travel. However, it is easy to see the big problems and easy to forget the things that have been slowly happening; the past decade has seen the rise of technology in easing bookings and a global connectedness of the world by ever more and ever cheaper flights.

    Furthermore, we have seen the rise of the Chinese middle-class traveler as well as the changing tastes of the international community.

    2020 will be no doubt marked by COVID-19 but more importantly what is going to happen in the next ten years?

    Janson So- Commercial Operations Project Director


    Munkhtuya Nyamdavaa- Founder


    Marko Ljupkovic



    Yael Farjun- Founder


  • Travel Insiders opinion on COVID-19

    Nomadica interviewed tourism industry experts from Asia, Europe and Africa

    The first question on everyone’s mind is what kind of effect will the current virus epidemic have on the travel industry?

    • “This year, due to the outbreak of the COVID -19 virus, the Chinese economy, including the tourism industry has now affected almost every part of the globe. Almost all Asian countries’ tourism sectors are currently suffering revenue losses as result of slow movement of tourist. International tourism projected by UNWTO of 1.4 Billion in 2020 could grind to a halt, dragging down global growth with it” Janson -
    • “There are more than 70% arrangements that have been canceled by foreign tourists, from China, Japan, South Korea, and Europe; so, the season has been destroyed this year, summer season, corporate season, everything”. “We should be more flexible, and even more connected between each other, sharing experience between each other. This is a time that we could make a superb plan and work together on packages and learn from this situation” Marko –
    • “Bookings have of course been decimated but the positive thing I have noted as a small operator is that interest in tours has not been completely destroyed. People are still interested in coming to Mongolia, they want to learn more and plan ahead but understandably are not prepared to make a booking until the situation changes. This is also true of other organizations in the industry, everyone hasn’t suddenly shut up shop; companies are trying to talk to each other and are planning co-operations and exciting ventures” Tuya -
    • For lots of the smaller lodges in Africa, which is the majority, this will be a case of just surviving if possible until travel hopefully returns later in the year but it is likely that their peak seasons over the northern hemisphere summer holidays (June through September)are likely to be affected. The impact on the people employed is huge as there are no social safety nets to catch the unemployed and support them through this crisis. Everyone is going to have to work together to survive this. Mark -

    These are certainly scary times but I guess it is important to remember from where we have come; how much progress has

    the travel industry made up until this point?

    • “Tourism has grown virtually uninterrupted over the past decades in the Asia Pacific Region and is becoming one of the largest and fastest-growing economic sectors in the world” Janson -
    • “More open borders and easier sharing of information between countries, are just a few of the reasons why people are traveling more and probably will travel in even greater numbers in the future. But the nature of travel is changing too. We hear more about individuals traveling on their own, off the beaten path, instead of group-traveling as before; we hear of more countries that open their doors to travelers and even making it their primary source of income” Yael -
    • “The movement of bookings from offline agents to online agents has been massive. Just imagine! Ten years ago the blackberry was a thing and social media was a fun, quirky thing. Now technology has been harnessed more and more for the development of business and its effect on the travel industry has been massive” Tuya –

    So is it likely that the tourism sector will bounce back from COVID-19?

    • “Asia tourism’s strong momentum is expected to continue in 2020 at a rate of 2 to 3 percent, and in 2021 pick up 4 to 5 percent. This year, I guess the growth rate is below the 3.8 percent average increase projected for the period 2010 - 2020 (1.4 Billion) by UNWTO. I still believe by 2030, the world’s total international tourist arrivals for Asia Pacific are expected to reach 1.8 billion as projected by UNWTO” Janson –
    • “Did you know that only 7% of the world’s population has ever been on a plane? I love this fact as in my opinion, it shows more than anything the potential in growth for the travel industry” Yael –
    • I think and hope that everyone, after being kept in lockdown in their own countries will be looking to explore whether it is locally, regionally or internationally and certainly a recent survey I saw for China recently supported this. The one factor we don’t know is how much this slowdown will affect peoples’ budgets to travel and therefore the destinations available to them. Mark -


    Great news for travelers and industry specialists alike but what will the next decade look like for a traveler

    where are the hot spots and what will the trends be?

    • I believe East Asia will still be the best performer in the Asia region, because the countries have strong safety and health conditions, world-class infrastructure, convenient transportation and a great balancing offer to leverage on their natural and cultural resources. South-East Asia and South Asia will grow faster than East Asia and Central Asian countries such as Mongolia and Uzbekistan will rise in popularity due to robust demand from western source markets. Janson -
    • The characteristics of the “new traveler” are of someone who is seeking more of the authentic experience, a closer connection with the culture and local people at a destination and someone who might have been considered more of the “adventurous” type before. But what does it mean, connecting with local culture? How will it affect a destination? How does it affect the traveler? Yael -
    • I do agree that we are going online, which is good, which is making our process faster than ever. However, we should not forget that travel is emotion, we still need to have our own travel agent, with experience, who can give advice, online or offline. It’s important to have a person of trust. Marko –
    • I think that whilst the staples of travelling such as beach resorts, city getaways and cruises will continue to develop, I also think the next decade will see the emergence of ‘new’ types of travelling such as cultural travel, gastronomy travel and impact travel. Travel is experience and for seasoned travelers putting themselves through similar experiences is meaningless; people search for more meaning from travel. This I think will be great for a lot of small tour operators who don’t want to function as cattle herders but bring a true personal meaning to what they are doing. Tuya –
    • I think we will see, as more people have travelled widely they are going to be looking for “experience” type holidays which allow them to see places and explore an interest or passion when they are there (cooking, photography , history etc) or just to explore more out of the way places and connect with people that they meet on those travels. It is these unique genuine experiences that the smaller and specialist tour operators will be able to provide as they will have the local knowledge and relationships in place to discover these hidden gems for the overseas traveler. I think once people start scratching below the surface of a place they will be amazed at what they will find! Travel is so much more than just seeing and taking pictures of a place. Mark -

    Any wishes for the future of travel?

    • I hope that traveling, in the future, will help promote more tolerance to other ideas and cultures, will open our minds and eyes to all the beautiful things in the world, even if they are different than ours and what we’ve known. Yael -
    • I do hope that education and traveling become more closely aligned. They say that you can’t know a country well enough unless you live there for six months or longer; what if that could be shortened? We have so much knowledge, technology and resources at hand that educating tourists should not only be possible but also a tool for world change. They also say that travelling opens your eyes, if enough of us do open our eyes, maybe we can learn something that will truly impact the world. Tuya –
    • I hope that as someone who comes from Africa that Africa will be able to harness the potential there is for travel to Africa as a destination and that it is done responsibly so as to benefit the country as a whole as it has the potential to be such a positive catalyst for change. As a continent we need to show all the sides of Africa, there is much more to Africa than just a safari! Travel will, I hope through experiencing a place and meeting people go a long way to making people understand each other, get rid of preconceptions of peoples or places provided by the media and make everyone a lot wiser and more tolerant of each other. At the end of the day I genuinely believe most people are good people and if you make the effort, the experiences you will have will leave you with lasting positive memories but if you don’t spend long enough in a place you will never find out! Mark -
  • Nomadica Webinar

    100KM through Northern Mongolia

  • Upcoming Tours 2020

    Our tours are for those who wish to not simply see but experience.

    We believe that the best kind of travel is one that has a strong impact upon your life after travelling.

    We aim not to add to your photo reel but add to your life reel!

    Mongolian Winter Ger

    Winter Adventure in January

    Tour Complete

    A winter wonderland tour that takes you through stunning snow dusted scenery. Let your inner child surface as you marvel this amazing landscape. Paraglide, dog sled, ski and snow bike your way through this tour and come back feeling invigorated and new. *

    Mongolian snow

    White Moon Mongolia in February

    Dep: 22nd February 2020

    Trip Length: 5 days

    Cost: 690USD

    Celebrate the lunar new year the way the Mongolians do. Learn and involve yourself with the age long Mongolian practice of welcoming in a new lunar new year. A spiritual practice with a mix of Buddhist and Shaman heritage. What's more, celebrate this important time of year in the spectacular backdrop of a frost glazed landscape.

    Hovsgal Lake Reindeer

    Frozen Lake in March

    Dep: 29th February 2020

    Trip Length: 9 days

    Cost: 838USD

    Winter does magical things to the landscape and nowhere can the results be experienced more uniquely than at Asia's second largest freshwater lake, Khuvsgul lake, known as the Switzerland of Asia. Walk on the frozen surface of this spectacular lake, spend time with the mysterious reindeer people and finally experience the annual Khuvsgul ice festival, an experience like no other.

    Spring Goats Mongolia

    Steppe into Spring in May

    Dep: 1st May 2020

    Trip Length: 5 days

    Cost: 696USD

    Spring has arrived in Mongolia and with it the steppe is alive with fresh flora, fauna and animals. Discover the true natural wonders of this land as you track Takhi (one of the last surviving groups of wild horses in existence), complete a horse trek and travel to beautiful Tsagaan Nuur lake. Marvel at the beauty of the scenery and the hospitality of the locals as you blow away those cobwebs of winter and welcome in Spring as nature intended.

    Summer Gers

    Mongolian Summer in June

    Dep: 25th June 2020

    Trip Length: 5 days

    Cost: 696USD


    This is moderate paced tour which focuses on Mongolian history and culture. During this trip you will gain a rich experience of Mongolian nomadic culture through visiting nomad families. You will be given an introduction to Mongolian culture, history, religion and cuisine. Accommodation and facilities are a mix of modern and traditional.

    Colors of Nadaam in July

    Dep: 10th July 2020

    Trip Length: 7 days

    Cost: 838USD

    Awaken your senses in Marvelous Mongolia as you travel from the bustling city of Ulanbaatar to the spectacular national parks of Terelj and Khustai. Enjoy the personal touch, staying with a local Nomadic family before you then soak up the colors of Mongolian culture as you experience a local Nadaam games.

    Grand Gobi in August

    Dep: 1st August 2020

    Trip Length: 10 days

    Cost: 1,600USD

    The tour takes 10 days to cover the central and southern part of Mongolia. You will visit the most popular travel destinations including national parks, UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Karakorum and the Gobi Desert; distinctive landscapes of towering sand dunes, wide open steppes, iced gorges, Rocky Mountains, red cliffs and stunning sunsets and sunrises. Top it off with your visits to nomadic families to give you a truly authentic experience of Mongolian nomadic culture.

    Eagles of Altai in October

    Dep: 1st October 2020

    Trip Length: COMING SOON


    Embark on an adventurous journey into the Western Mongolian Altai region where Mongolia's famous group of eagle training hunters live. Learn their traditions and their respect for the beautiful animals they work with; all of this under the spectacular backdrop of the exotic Altai mountains.

    Majestic Mongolia in October

    Dep: 1st October 2020

    Trip Length: COMING SOON



    Trip description coming soon!

  • Online experiences

    Our first online cooking class...

  • Team Building in Mongolia

    Every successful company needs to spend time on developing its team, why should yours be any different?

    At Nomadica we marry expert knowledge of Mongolia with expert knowledge of people to bring you an experience that will drive your team to greater success. Bring your team to Mongolia and let us help you bring your team to the next level.

    Corporate Retreat Mongolia

    Authentic shared experiences are a powerful tool for developing team cohesion and development. The more authentic the experience, the greater the impact. We believe that putting your team through genuine hardship, self reflection and shared problems WITH an inspirational outside practitioner is imperative for the longevity and development of your team. Couple this with an amazing location and you have yourself a truly authentic team-building experience.


    WHO - Suitable for management, department and executive level staff.

    HOW MANY - Maximum of 10 staff members recommended.

    HOW LONG - 3 - 8 days.

    WHERE - Khuvsgal lake, Gobi Desert or Arkhangai Aimag.

    WHAT- Authentic activities and experiences.

    BY WHO - Inspirational trainer and guide

    WHAT ELSE - Comprehensive pre and post tour support and advice

    WHAT FIRST- Contact us below and we will tailor an itinerary to meet the needs of your awesome team!

  • Who are ‘The Hu’,

    and how can they help your business?

    HU!! HU!! HU!!” 45m YouTube views

    The Hu have become a surprise sensation by marrying western rock music with traditional Mongolian music. The Mongolian flavor of their music comes from the two stringed Morin Huur (horse head fiddle) and khoomei (throat singing).

    Now that they have conquered Mongolia they are out to conquer the world; but whilst the Hu may seem completely new and unorthodox to us, Mongolian rock music isn’t exactly new, so what has been their formula for success and how can companies emulate them?

    Hard work

    As any athlete will tell you 99% of success is attributed from hard work not talent. The 10,000 hour rule stands that can-not be cheated. There is no such thing as ‘winging it’ to success especially long term success. The Hu are no different, with four of the members being graduates from the Mongolian State Music and Dance Conservatory and all of the members having practiced traditional Mongolian music from an early age.


    Identity and Mission

    No one likes a copy-cat whether it be in music, business or otherwise. Copy cats lack differentiation and drive but above all they lack creative flair which inevitably hinders them from achieving long term success.

    The biggest thing that copy cats lack however is an identity, a true meaning as to what they are doing and why. With the Hu they have a clear identity, they are Mongolian and they don’t pretend to be anything different. Furthermore, their music and story is helping them to spread their message of Mongolian culture and values. Their singing is not about sex, drugs and heartache, that would be very copy-cat; but nor is their singing about the Mongolian stereotype of ‘bloodthirsty warriors’. Instead they sing about their ancestors and nature with the title of their debut album ‘Gereg’ meaning passport, their way of reminding the world of the benefits the Mongolian empire brought to the world.

    Hu Are You?

    Bands are no different to companies, both need to differentiate themselves and both need to be confident with who they are. So is your company on the road to long term success? As a start-up or small business owner you should be able to answer the below questions.

    1 – Are you prepared to put in 10,000 hours to make your company a success?

    2 – Are you a copy – cat? If the answer is no, then exactly how are you different?

    3 – What are the core values of what you are selling/providing your customers?

    Long term, high level success is complicated and gets even more complicated when we want others to adopt our identity, mission and level of hard work. Your staff can help you scale your business as well as crumble it.

  • Interested in learning how to build a motivated team?

    Contact Nomadica for creative teambuilding solutions today!

  • Become Nomadic

    We are Authentic and Nomadic!

    Nadaam Festival

    Mongolia is home to one of the few remaining truly Nomadic cultures in the world. It is this Nomadic culture and way of life that we take great pride in. Every tour with us emphasizes learning from Nomadic people and staying overnight with a Nomadic family. If comfort is your priority when traveling, we recommend you choose a different operator or indeed a different destination. Furthermore, our customer service team operate Nomadically in the UK, China, Europe and North America. With extensive experience on tour in Mongolia, they speak your language and understand the excitement and anxiety of traveling to Mongolia. Our Mongolian certified tour guides possess a wealth of knowledge and passion that is sure to make them a highlight of your trip.


    Whatever your query, concern, request or dream, our staff members at Nomadica are here to make sure your journey in Mongolia remains the most impressive of your life. Happy travel!

    Start your journey today and email us at: info@nomadica-impactdiscovery.com

  • Plan Now!

    Accommodation, weather, visa, flight details

    all your questions are answered here

  • Our Partners

    Nomadic Families

    Mongolian Culture at its best

    Our tours would not be as special as they are without the cooperation and support of our core nomadic family group. Their hospitality, kindness and warmth is greatly appreciated by all who visit them.


    When family members have time they often make felt products by hand which we encourage tourists to purchase during their 'Nomadic home stay' experience. For more details regarding the felt products please contact our online representatives.

    World Nomads- Travel Insurance

    Safety is Nomadica's priority

    Travel Insurance is compulsory, please make sure to purchase a plan that covers your entire time in Mongolia. For convenience, professionalism and cost we recommend 'World Nomads'.


    Lotus Children's Centre

    Mongolian Culture at its best

    Nomadica proudly cooperates with Lotus Children's Centre, an orphanage operating in the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar city. Whilst Mongolia is a country of intense beauty we highly encourage visitors to interact with nomadic culture and local Mongolian people. Some of our tours visit the Lotus Children's Centre where both visitors and children are encouraged to interact with each other during an afternoon of performances.


    Please contact us if you are interested in a tour that includes a lotus children's center visit and if you would like to make a donation to Lotus Children's Centre please do let us know or alternatively contact them directly at: http://www.lotuschild.org

  • Travel with like-minded people

    Do you have a special hobby?

    Do you dream of travelling with like minded people and experiencing a true vacation?

    Are you searching for the ultimate location and is that location a place of vast wilderness and authentic culture?

    Join us for an unforgettable experience that turns your dream into a reality!

    Yoga and Meditation Retreat

    Photography Guru

    Extraordinary and Abundant life Seminar

    Horse Trekking and Camping journeys

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  • Winter Adventure in January - 2020

    An interview with our Nomadic traveler -

    1. What made you take a trip to Mongolia?

    To be honest, I'm not completely sure why I decided to book it - I think I saw the ad some time ago and thought it looked like a good adventure. As I was going home for Christmas and this year's winter holiday was really early, I wanted to find a place to go other than home (which of course is nice too when you live far from your family), but decided to go somewhere I have never been before and where few people go. So the first thing that crossed my path was Mongolia.


    2. What were your expectations before going and how was that different to the reality?

    I had been looking at pictures on the internet before I went, and I have a friend from Inner Mongolia who sometimes showed me pictures of her home. My expectations... honestly I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was open for a surprise and tried to expect as little as possible. I had read a couple of books, because sadly my general knowledge about Mongolian history and life was rather limited. Sadly it’s a country that we don’t hear of a lot!

    Expectations, when they don't get met, usually lead to disappointment, and I just wanted to experience something new with an open mind. The reality was mind blowing and awesome, it was a good choice to go to Mongolia!


    3.What is the first thing you remember experiencing in Mongolia?

    The first thing I thought, when we flew into Ulaan Baatar was: There are so many hills and mountains, almost no cities or towns. And a lot of snow. And clear, blue sky... then, after landing, my guide picked me up - he's a funny and very knowledgeable guy, I was lucky to have a guide like him! The first thing stepping outside the airport was a breeze of fresh air. In the evening, when I walked around the parliament building, I could feel the cold for the first time. Killing my iPhone battery in a very quick time. Later my guide told me that Mongolians joke when the winter comes: Better take care of your iPhone! ... As the cold kills the battery within a couple of minutes.


    4. What was the highlight of your whole trip?

    There were several highlights... I can tell you a few. One was definitely visiting the Kazakh family. They were very friendly and told a couple of interesting stories about how they made it to Mongolia, and when we left they invited me to come again. That was quite touching. Another highlight was living in a Ger and experiencing nomad life with a family. The landscape was just beautiful, the sky was so clear at night - which is one thing that struck me the first night in the countryside - the night was super cold, there was no moon and the sky was full of stars!! My temporary home is in Shanghai, and we almost never see a clear sky at night, leave alone all the stars there are to see. Other highlights were just hiking around the countryside, trying out dog sledding, and feeling very welcomed by the people we met in general.


    5. What! You went in winter!!! Wasn´t it cold?

    Sure, it was cold. But I came prepared, haha! I think if you bring the right clothes, it's not bad. I was lucky and had sunshine every day, so during the day it was quite nice, even when temperatures where at -17 C. At night it was a different story. I tried to not go out after 9 pm, because it was freezing cold and simple things like going to the toilet ended in legs feelings numb and fingers feeling freezing cold. And phone battery dying (you needed a lamp to find the toilet when with the nomad family, and find your way through a herd of cattle. So you need some light to see where you're going... I recommend, no matter if winter or summer, bring a small flash light.)


    6. Any tips to fellow travelers thinking about going to Mongolia?

    Tips... if you like to rely on internet and social media, don't expect too much outside the city. You can get a Mongolian Sim card, but coverage is quite bad at times, so you will be off the grid for probably quite a while. Something to enjoy! I would bring extra batteries, loaded, because also if you're not in a city, it might become hard to get by electricity. Pack as if you went camping, more or less, if you decide to stay outside the city. In winter, bring a couple layers of clothes and, important, good gloves. The only thing I regret was that my gloves weren't as good as I expected them to be. Also, if you go in winter, basically pack as if you were going on a ski trip. Warm socks, shoes etc. As for the rest - bring an open mind, enjoy the food, which might be quite different from what you know, and enjoy your stay! You might want to book your flight early as well, as there are not too many choices and they might get a bit pricey. I'm eager to go again to see more of this beautiful country.




    1. An Arranged Tour Contract which Nomadica Impact Discovery Co.Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) concludes with the Traveler shall be subject to these General Terms and Conditions. Matters which are not provided for in these General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws, ordinances, regulations and generally established practice.

    2. A Traveler who intends to conclude an Arranged Tour Contract with the Company must fill out an application form that helps the Company to have enough information of the traveler in case of emergency. The traveler will submit it to the Company together with the amount of travel fee which shall be separately specified according to the itinerary.

    3. The travel fee referred to as ‘money’ which the Traveler should pay to the Company.



    1. Deposit & Confirmation:

    · Only requires a deposit 30% of total tour cost to confirm and secure your booking.

    On receipt your deposit, the company will send you confirmation of your booking along with details of balance payment.

    We accept online payment with Master/Visa debit and credit cards, Union Pay, JCB card and AMEX.



    2. Final & Balance payment:

    · The final balance & full payment must be paid no later than 40 days prior to the tour departure date.

    · If the deadline for the remaining payment is exceeded, the company reserve the right to cancel any reservation or there is no guarantee against otherwise unnecessary changes.

    · Please note that some tours can have different conditions for payment and cancellation as highlighted on your tour program.

    · Final and balance payment could be paid by Bank Transfer (Wire transfer) or International money transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram.



    1. Credit Card Online Payment

    We accept online payment with Master/Visa debit and credit cards, Union Pay, JCB card and AMEX.

    Impact Discovery Co.Ltd connects with Golomt Bank of Mongolia to accept Online Card Payment.

    All of your card information is processed through SSL protocol with international card security standard.

    Your card information will not be stored on our database.


    2. Wire/ bank transfer:

    Beneficiary’s name: Impact Discovery LLC

    Address: No. 4-3, building 1/10, Viva city, 4 sub, Khan-Uul district, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

    Beneficiary’s account number:

    3635131721 ($ account)

    3635131722 (RMB account)

    BIC code: Same as SWIFT code

    IBAN code: Same as account number

    Beneficiary’s bank:


    Swift code: GLMTMNUB

    Address: Head office of Gloms Bank, D.Sukhbaatar Square 5, P.O.Box 22, Ulaanbaatar 15160, Mongolia


    Please note: that the bank commission fee in Mongolia and the international bank transmission charges are covered by the client.

    After you send the money, kindly provide us a copy of each transaction to your tour manager via email.


    3. Western Union

    Receiver’s First Name: Nyamdavaa

    Receiver’s Last Name: Sarantuya

    City: Ulaanbaatar

    Country: Mongolia

    After you send us the money, please tell us the full name of the Sender’s first name and the sender’s last name, sum of money, details of your address, and also the Money Transfer Control Number provided by Western Union.



    Unfortunately, we cannot make refunds after the deposit has been paid, however you may postpone your trip to up to one year after your original planned trip. Postponing of your adventure will not be accepted within three weeks of your original departure date. The company must receive all cancellations in writing. Do not consider your change requests and cancelation request official until you receive a confirmation email from us.


    Claim before (days) Our charge for cancellation

    90 above 30% deposit

    60-89 35%

    30-59 60%

    0-29 No refund

    After trip start No refund


    The company reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel any trip prior to departure for any reason, including insufficient number of participants.  The company is not responsible for any unrecoverable expenses incurred by Traveler due to trip cancellation, including non-refundable airline tickets, medical expenses and visa fees, or additional arrangements should the trip member have embarked prior to the scheduled departure date.



    Scheduled tour prices are based on minimum of 4 people. If there aren’t enough people, we will be able to run these tours privately with an extra cost.



    Please ensure you carefully read your invoice and all other documents we send to you. You must follow our instructions at all times and you agree to indemnify us against any loss or injury suffered as a result of failing to comply with our instructions. You must conduct yourself in a proper manner so as to not to cause disturbance or offence to other travelers and you agree to take responsibility for any damage you cause to our or any third party’s property. We will not be responsible to you for any loss or damage sustained by you arising from or in relation to your contravention of any law of any place while on the tour. You indemnify us for all third party actions taken against us for loss or damage caused by you or arising from your participation on the tour.



    Travel insurance is not included in your tour price, we strongly recommend full coverage travel insurance against illness, injury, loss/ damage to personal belongings and not being able to travel on the confirmed departure date.


    Responsibility of the Company

    • The Company is responsible for providing information prior to trip (weather, itinerary, packing list, accommodation, domestic transportation)
    • If a Traveler has incurred damage due to a natural disaster, a war, a riot, road restriction, route or destination became unavailable due to an order of a government or other public offices, lose personal belonging or any other cause in which the Company is unable to intervene, the Company shall not be responsible for compensating for the damage.
    • The Company shall not be responsible for both international and domestic flight baggage loss and to any fee that occurs related to lost baggage; such as accommodation, meal, and sightseeing while figuring out what has happened to the luggage or waiting for the luggage to come.
    • The Company is responsible for giving safety instruction both prior and during trip. If the Traveler sustains any injury during the trip, the company shall not be responsible for the medical treatment fee. We recommend all travelers to purchase a travel insurance package. 


    Responsibility of the Traveler

    •  In concluding an Arranged Tour Contract, the Traveler should make good use of the information provided by the Company
    • Traveler is responsible for having travel insurance in case of emergency
    •  Traveler should fill the application form and pay the Travel Fee to the Company by the time, prior to the commencement of the tour, fixed by the Company.
    • Traveler is responsible for double checking the passport, flight time, date, train station or airport before set off from your home country. Any cost caused by missing flight, late for the trip, flight delay, missing days won’t be refunded. Extra costs associated with unplanned accommodation and taxi’s etc will be Traveler’s responsibility to cover.
    • Traveler should be responsible for keeping the Company updated with the information of arrival, departure, health etc
    • Traveler will cover unexpected additional costs (including the cost of unplanned accommodation) incurred within the Mongolian territory during the trip due to extreme weather conditions, road renovation, road limitation due to animal disease, traffic jam, domestic flight delay etc. Therefore, the company is not responsible for costs incurred from domestic flights such as: change of ticket date and time and overload baggage fee etc.


    1. The Company doesn’t change booked tour camps due to weather condition or at customers request. All camps are booked prior and paid deposits as soon as the trip is confirmed by the Traveler.

    2. The Traveler may cancel the Arranged Tour Contract in whole or in part at any time. If the Arranged Tour Contract has been canceled by the request of the Traveler, he/she must to bear the cost which has already been paid.

    3. Discontinuation of trip due to personal reasons or injury/death involved in any animal activities, the company won’t reimburse losses incurred from not continuing the trip and do not provide subsidies, hospital or flight fees.



    If you have a complaint while you are on tour you must tell immediately your tour leader and guide, who will make every effort to resolve them. They will complete a report form with you giving details of your complaint and the action taken to resolve it and you should keep a copy of this. Any relevant receipts and substantiating evidence must be attached to the letter of claim.



    All terms and conditions are made subject to, and enforced by, Mongolian law and must be done so in a Mongolian court.