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    Our tours are for those who wish to not simply see but experience.

    We believe that the best kind of travel is one that has a strong impact upon your life after travelling.

    We aim not to add to your photo reel but add to your life reel!

    Mongolian Winter Ger

    Winter Adventure in January

    Tour Complete

    A winter wonderland tour that takes you through stunning snow dusted scenery. Let your inner child surface as you marvel this amazing landscape. Paraglide, dog sled, ski and snow bike your way through this tour and come back feeling invigorated and new. *

    Mongolian snow

    White Moon Mongolia in February

    Dep: 22nd February 2020

    Trip Length: 5 days

    Cost: 690USD

    Celebrate the lunar new year the way the Mongolians do. Learn and involve yourself with the age long Mongolian practice of welcoming in a new lunar new year. A spiritual practice with a mix of Buddhist and Shaman heritage. What's more, celebrate this important time of year in the spectacular backdrop of a frost glazed landscape.

    Hovsgal Lake Reindeer

    Frozen Lake in March

    Dep: 29th February 2020

    Trip Length: 9 days

    Cost: 838USD

    Winter does magical things to the landscape and nowhere can the results be experienced more uniquely than at Asia's second largest freshwater lake, Khuvsgul lake, known as the Switzerland of Asia. Walk on the frozen surface of this spectacular lake, spend time with the mysterious reindeer people and finally experience the annual Khuvsgul ice festival, an experience like no other.

    Spring Goats Mongolia

    Steppe into Spring in May

    Dep: 1st May 2020

    Trip Length: 5 days

    Cost: 696USD

    Spring has arrived in Mongolia and with it the steppe is alive with fresh flora, fauna and animals. Discover the true natural wonders of this land as you track Takhi (one of the last surviving groups of wild horses in existence), complete a horse trek and travel to beautiful Tsagaan Nuur lake. Marvel at the beauty of the scenery and the hospitality of the locals as you blow away those cobwebs of winter and welcome in Spring as nature intended.

    Summer Gers

    Mongolian Summer in June

    Dep: 25th June 2020

    Trip Length: 5 days

    Cost: 696USD


    This is moderate paced tour which focuses on Mongolian history and culture. During this trip you will gain a rich experience of Mongolian nomadic culture through visiting nomad families. You will be given an introduction to Mongolian culture, history, religion and cuisine. Accommodation and facilities are a mix of modern and traditional.

    Colors of Nadaam in July

    Dep: 10th July 2020

    Trip Length: 7 days

    Cost: 838USD

    Awaken your senses in Marvelous Mongolia as you travel from the bustling city of Ulanbaatar to the spectacular national parks of Terelj and Khustai. Enjoy the personal touch, staying with a local Nomadic family before you then soak up the colors of Mongolian culture as you experience a local Nadaam games.

    Grand Gobi in August

    Dep: 1st August 2020

    Trip Length: 10 days

    Cost: 1,600USD

    The tour takes 10 days to cover the central and southern part of Mongolia. You will visit the most popular travel destinations including national parks, UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Karakorum and the Gobi Desert; distinctive landscapes of towering sand dunes, wide open steppes, iced gorges, Rocky Mountains, red cliffs and stunning sunsets and sunrises. Top it off with your visits to nomadic families to give you a truly authentic experience of Mongolian nomadic culture.

    Eagles of Altai in October

    Dep: 1st October 2020

    Trip Length: COMING SOON


    Embark on an adventurous journey into the Western Mongolian Altai region where Mongolia's famous group of eagle training hunters live. Learn their traditions and their respect for the beautiful animals they work with; all of this under the spectacular backdrop of the exotic Altai mountains.

    Majestic Mongolia in October

    Dep: 1st October 2020

    Trip Length: COMING SOON



    Trip description coming soon!

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