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Flights to Mongolia 2020

Thinking of flying to Mongolia this year? Then you may be one of the lucky first to fly into Mongolia’s brand spanking new airport. The new Ulaanbaatar international airport named ‘Khoshig valley airport’ will replace the old Chinggis Khaan international airport and is scheduled to be operational in June.

Whilst the new airport is an exciting new hub for Mongolia, Mongolia still remains one of the least connected countries in the world, a lot of flights require transfers and thus prices can get steep. On the flip side however, less direct flights, means less travelers and less travelers means a more authentic experience of a country.

The cheapest flights are provided by MIAT, the Mongolian flag carrier, although there are a host of other airlines flying to Mongolia, including Air China, Korea Air and now most recently Turkish Airlines.

So what are the direct flights? I hear you scream! Check out the table below for the most recent flight confirmations.

Luckily for many of us, there are also some seasonal flights; flights that are only operational during the sunny summer months. This years seasonal flights may include Guangzhou and Shanghai.

Excited to get to Mongolia? Come join us on one of our 2020 trips!

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