• Team Building in Mongolia

    Every successful company needs to spend time on developing its team, why should yours be any different?

    At Nomadica we marry expert knowledge of Mongolia with expert knowledge of people to bring you an experience that will drive your team to greater success. Bring your team to Mongolia and let us help you bring your team to the next level.

    Corporate Retreat Mongolia

    Authentic shared experiences are a powerful tool for developing team cohesion and development. The more authentic the experience, the greater the impact. We believe that putting your team through genuine hardship, self reflection and shared problems WITH an inspirational outside practitioner is imperative for the longevity and development of your team. Couple this with an amazing location and you have yourself a truly authentic team-building experience.


    WHO - Suitable for management, department and executive level staff.

    HOW MANY - Maximum of 10 staff members recommended.

    HOW LONG - 3 - 8 days.

    WHERE - Khuvsgal lake, Gobi Desert or Arkhangai Aimag.

    WHAT- Authentic activities and experiences.

    BY WHO - Inspirational trainer and guide

    WHAT ELSE - Comprehensive pre and post tour support and advice

    WHAT FIRST- Contact us below and we will tailor an itinerary to meet the needs of your awesome team!

  • Who are ‘The Hu’,

    and how can they help your business?

    HU!! HU!! HU!!” 45m YouTube views

    The Hu have become a surprise sensation by marrying western rock music with traditional Mongolian music. The Mongolian flavor of their music comes from the two stringed Morin Huur (horse head fiddle) and khoomei (throat singing).

    Now that they have conquered Mongolia they are out to conquer the world; but whilst the Hu may seem completely new and unorthodox to us, Mongolian rock music isn’t exactly new, so what has been their formula for success and how can companies emulate them?

    Hard work

    As any athlete will tell you 99% of success is attributed from hard work not talent. The 10,000 hour rule stands that can-not be cheated. There is no such thing as ‘winging it’ to success especially long term success. The Hu are no different, with four of the members being graduates from the Mongolian State Music and Dance Conservatory and all of the members having practiced traditional Mongolian music from an early age.


    Identity and Mission

    No one likes a copy-cat whether it be in music, business or otherwise. Copy cats lack differentiation and drive but above all they lack creative flair which inevitably hinders them from achieving long term success.

    The biggest thing that copy cats lack however is an identity, a true meaning as to what they are doing and why. With the Hu they have a clear identity, they are Mongolian and they don’t pretend to be anything different. Furthermore, their music and story is helping them to spread their message of Mongolian culture and values. Their singing is not about sex, drugs and heartache, that would be very copy-cat; but nor is their singing about the Mongolian stereotype of ‘bloodthirsty warriors’. Instead they sing about their ancestors and nature with the title of their debut album ‘Gereg’ meaning passport, their way of reminding the world of the benefits the Mongolian empire brought to the world.

    Hu Are You?

    Bands are no different to companies, both need to differentiate themselves and both need to be confident with who they are. So is your company on the road to long term success? As a start-up or small business owner you should be able to answer the below questions.

    1 – Are you prepared to put in 10,000 hours to make your company a success?

    2 – Are you a copy – cat? If the answer is no, then exactly how are you different?

    3 – What are the core values of what you are selling/providing your customers?

    Long term, high level success is complicated and gets even more complicated when we want others to adopt our identity, mission and level of hard work. Your staff can help you scale your business as well as crumble it.

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